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Otsuka Pharmaceutical India Private Limited (OPI) is a Joint Venture between Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc., Japan, and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., Japan, India, for Infusion Business in India and Emerging Markets. We primarily manufacture & market products across multiple markets and therapeutic segments. Being a leader in intravenous nutrition products, we are committed to being the best partner of patients and healthcare professionals in the field of clinical nutrition.

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Designation: Officer/Sr Officer Production

Location: Ahmedabad, Moraiya

Job Description:

  • To ensure the cleanliness and environmental norms of the various areas like dispensing, compounding, filling, capping, including airlocks and if any deviation is found, get it corrected immediately and then start the further process.
  • To ensure cleaning and disinfection of floor, ceiling, wall, and equipment.
  • To ensure that the maintenance of dispensing compounding, filling, capping, including airlocks, is as per Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) norms.
  • To ensure that the cleaning is done as per SOP and then start the further activity, in case of material spillages.
  • To ensure that only one material is dispensed at a time, to avoid any mix-ups.
  • To check the material identity and quantity against Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR), before starting of mixing activity.
  • To ensure the availability of the cleanroom garments.
  • To supervise the behavior of workers / Technicians / Assistants in the cleanroom.
  • To check the online rejection and take immediate corrective action to minimize it.
  • To ensure not to start the sterilizer process if found any abnormality in the sterilizer.
  • To ensure not to start the next cycle without rectification of the problem, in case of any abnormality observed like in the printer, in the recorder, in temperature, pressure, and utility supply during the sterilization of any product.

  • To check the equipment after preventive maintenance and if found any dissatisfaction, ensure not to start the further process.
  • To carry out the planning of material issues and dispensing as per the priority of batch manufacturing.
  • To prepare documents regarding the material issues and dispensing.
  • To issue the material from the store as per Batch Manufacturing Record.
  • To check the availability of washed and dehydrogenated scoops for material dispensing.
  • To ensure the availability of fresh Water for Injection (WFI) for hand wash and Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA) for disinfection.
  • To ensure the hand dryer is in working condition.
  • To dispense the materials as per BMR, verify it and supply it to the compounding room, from time to time.
  • To follow SOP and also guide the workers for the same.
  • To give training to personnel.
  • To ensure the batch manufacturing process is done as per Batch Manufacturing Record.
  • To control the timing of Cleaning In Process (CIP) / Sterile In Process (SIP) and batch manufacturing process, to start the production timely.
  • To do the Bubble Point Test (BPT) / Forward Flow Test (FFT) of product filter before and after filtration and Water Intrusion Test (WIT) of air filters.
  • To maintain the records online.
  • To ensure that the material has a status label and lying at its proper place.
  • To remove the scrap from time to time with the established procedure.
  • To carry out the preparation and filtration of disinfectant and IPA.
  • To ensure that the selected recipe is correct for a particular product.

Qualification: B.Sc/B.Pharma, MS/M.Sc/M.Pharma

Experience: 2-7 yrs

Salary: Negotiable

Contact Details:

Mr. Sagar Somaiya


hrm.opmf-amd@otsukapharma.in, sagar.somaiya@otsukapharma.in

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