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Designation: Formulation & Process Design – Process Modeller

Location: Chennai

Job Description & Role Summary:

  • The drug-product process-modeling team in Drug Product Design (DPD) has a mandate to develop digital tools and computational models to support the development of high-quality drug-dosage forms (tablets, capsules, multi particulate beads, ointments/creams, etc.) using batch and continuous processes.
  • This team is seeking a (postgraduate level) expert process modeler to develop new computational tools and system-level models to support continuous manufacturing.
  • The successful candidate will use modeling and simulation techniques to solve pharmaceutical industrial research problems related to continuous manufacturing with special emphasis on modeling and control of unit operations involving powder flows, mixing, processing, and compaction.
  • Experience with computational techniques is required, such as:
    • Process models and flowsheets, statistical techniques, population-balance models (PBM), discrete element method (DEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and engineering models.
    • Applicants must have a post-graduate qualification  (MS or Ph.D.) degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Process Control Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Physical Sciences, or related discipline with a focus on computational modeling.
    • Close collaboration with Pfizer project scientists is essential – candidates must have excellent communication skills and be able to identify opportunities to apply modeling to develop drug products.


  • Work with Pfizer project scientists to understand the challenges and needs when developing drug-dosage forms (tablets, capsules, ointments/creams, multi particulate beads, etc.).
  • Identify opportunities to use engineering knowledge and computational tools to help solve project challenges.
  • Be able to work independently, with minimal supervision, to define the problem statement, then develop and execute a modeling work plan to solve the issue.
  • Using a variety of computational techniques, develop predictive tools and models to support drug development/manufacturing efforts for the Pfizer portfolio.
  • Modeling techniques include (but not necessarily limited to):
    • process models and flowsheets (e.g., gPROMS, ASPEN), statistical techniques, discrete element method (DEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), population-balance models (PBM), and first-principles engineering models.
    • Plan and execute experimental studies in collaboration with experimental experts to support/validate modeling efforts.
    • Work with Pfizer scientists to apply and implement modeling tools into project workflows.
    • Communicate and present results internally at meetings and, on occasion, at external forums.
    • Present scientific results to a diverse audience through data analysis and visualizations.
    • Support Pfizer’s key technology platforms: continuous tablet manufacturing and multi particulates, via computational modeling.
    • Work with external partners (e.g., universities, research organizations) and vendors (e.g., software companies) to execute and deliver well-defined modeling projects.

Department: Research & Development

Educational Qualification: M.S or Ph.D. in relevant Field

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