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Shift Incharge – Production – Emcure Pharmaceuticals – Pune


Job Description:

  • Managing All Shift processes in Manufacturing Operations for API-1 to API-2, Shop Floor, Handover, Work allocation, etc.
  • Execution of Manufacturing Operation, Safety/GMP Compliance, Housekeeping & Sanitization.
  • Resource utilization as per Batch Manufacturing & Equipment Cleaning records.
  • Compliance with Safety/GMP norms as per SOPs
  • Updating status board, logbook, Batch manufacturing record, Equipment cleaning record, and other production records.
  • To ensure the availability of Raw material, packing material, and solvents as per batch manufacturing record for execution of the batch.
  • To supervise the activity of lot preparation of raw materials and intermediates as per instructions in batch manufacturing record.
  • To perform / verify the calibration of equipment / instruments / Accessories.
  • To issue, receive, verify, and store RM, PM, solvents and seeding material.
  • To perform return material procedure, disposal procedure for raw material, packing material as per the standard operating procedure.
  • To perform and execute operation and cleaning of equipment like reactor, centrifuge, sparkler filter, multi mill, sifter, vacuum tray dryer, and blender, etc. as per BMR and ECR.
  • To perform dispensing activity and verification of raw material during batch processing and batch charging as per BMR and SOPs.
  • Performing Inprocess sampling during batch processing, sample analysis at plant level (like pH, etc.), and equipment cleaning as mentioned in Batch manufacturing record and Equipment cleaning record.
  • To coordinate with the QC department for in-process, intermediate, API, Fresh solvent, recovered solvent testing, result & analysis.
  • To perform, verify, and receipt of the additional material (as per requirement).
  • To perform a visual inspection of cleaned equipment.
  • To report unsafe acts and conditions to superior.
  • Handling of chemicals and solvents (like fresh, recovered, recoverable, and spent solvent) by referring MSDS.
  • Ensure preventive maintenance of equipment is carried out as per schedule.
  • To dispose of the waste as per the procedure.
  • To perform process validation, cleaning validation activity as per protocol.
  • To perform miscellaneous protocol base activity as per requirement through QMS.
  • To fill the all production-related documents as per Good documentation practices SOP.
  • To perform/verify packing, repacking & labeling activity as per instruction in BMR, BPR & requirement.
  • To report any abnormality or deviation, to shift in-charge or superior.
  • To give compliance against audit observations.
  • Carry out the qualification of equipment such as Operational Qualification, Performance
  • Qualification, and coordination with the engineering department for Installation Qualification.
  • To assist the sampling activity of cleaning, in-process, intermediate, and finished product.
  • To initiate, verify, and execute work permits as per requirement.

Location: Kurkumbh, Pune

Qualification: Appropriately Qualified

Experience: 6-10 Years

Salary: Negotiable

Contact Details:


OR Mail your CV to corporate@emcure.co.in



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