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Upstream Process – Syngene International (Biocon) Bengaluru


Job Description:


  • Compilation and Analysis of error-free Data while designing planning and Executing experiments, under the guidance of reporting manager.
  • Perform transient expressions in mammalian cell lines like HEK, CHO
  • Plan and perform protein expression at different scales like microtitre plates, shake flask, and bioreactor.
  • Perform optimization of media /Feed to improve productivity in batch and fed-batch culture.
  • Perform serum-free adaptations and express proteins in batch /fed-batch mode using stable clones
  • Scale-up plasmid DNA for transfection depending on the scale of the expression batch Analysis of expression titers using OCTET, PA-HPLC, western blot
  • Perform small scale purification using affinity chromatography
  • Collaborate with colleagues with respect to information/knowledge sharing
  • Adhere to all EHS requirements including wearing PPEs and safe working practices
  • Efficient data management & Record Maintenance.


Carry out DNA scale-up and protein expression as per the requirements of the specific job function

Protein expression function to include the ability to reliably and reproducibly express proteins in one or more expression systems including mammalian, insect cells

Protein expression skills should include knowledge and experience in the operation of wave bioreactors and incubator shakers.

Adhere to timely and accurate record-keeping in lab notebooks.

Qualification: B.Tech/B.E/B.Sc, MS/M.Sc/M.Tech Biochem/Biotech

Salary: Negotiable

Experiecne: 2-7 Years

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