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Mistakes Manager Makes During Job Interviews – Critical and Common Interview Mistakes


Hiring is not only the most critical but toughest part of the Managing and Developing team. A lot depends on the discussion you had in your 1st Meeting or maybe called Interaction or Interview. It needs a lot of preparation, Following are the few too common mistakes made, however, these can be overcome easily with Preparation

1. Being Talkative

When you brief him/her about the Company’s background, achievements, your personal feelings about the company or life stories, You may feel satisfied but does this helps you understand the capability of candidates to do the job efficiently?

“Remember Taking Interview is an Asking Mode job”

2. Are you gossiping?

Control your desire to know the dirt on the current employer of the candidate, or useless talks about other peoples in industry. This not only casts a bad light on you & your company but wastes time and energy too, besides deviating from the core.

3. Did you ask Tough questions?

Interviews are embarrassing & awkward for everyone, you can Empathize with the nervous candidates, ask soft or easy questions, But do you over Empathize with someone or who makes you comfortable? You might be surprised when given a chance to such a nervous person with Tough questions

4. Do you fall prey to Visual resume and Gesture?

It is said “The first impression is the Last impression” but not true when you are Hiring a person, Decisions cannot be taken on the basis of his dressing sense appearance, how he shakes hand or starts the conversation. Never make an impression about the person till he is roasted completely through the defined process and set of questions.

5. Never ask questions that lead to any specific or Particular Directions unless it is desired?

Check/Evaluate your questions before you ask them, evaluate how they will help you in identifying the right person. Remember the questions asked by you must be relevant to Job profile or assignment he is supposed to carry out.

6. Never Invade Their Privacy

It is unethical to dive too deeply into personal details of anyone, Moreover, it doesn’t help the cause of finding the right person.

Remain specific to understand the family background, Strengths, and weaknesses instead of digging deep into family affairs.
Ask only those planned/Evaluated question which helps you in profiling and matching it with your requirements

7. Never Stress the Candidate to test How he performs

In some interviews, interviewers use high-pressure techniques to trap and evaluate his behavior in such conditions. Before creating such a situation please evaluate…

How relevant is this with real-life situations?

Is it necessary and the only way to evaluate the candidate on any given parameter?

“Remember you may evaluate, if he succeds and is hired, He may not trust you, since the Foundation (1st Interaction) of relation wasn’t with pleasant memories and was on rocky foundation.”

8. Never Cut short your Interaction/Interview

Due to the hectic schedule and series of interviews, you may want to cut it short and have brief interactions.

Remember Judging candidates is critical and nuanced work, it is based on tracking various inputs.

Any interview lasting for a couple of minutes has weak chances of getting the right person.

Unless until the candidate is not grilled/roasted with various questions and brainstorming exercises, you cannot get the right candidate. Usually, such an interview if designed and structured properly lasts for 45-60 Minutes.

9. You Gravitate Toward the Center

If everyone you talk to feels like a “maybe,” That may be the indications that you are still not getting any who meets predefined Parameters/criteria or you are not able to assess them properly. Such “Maybe” are actually “No thanks” (Face it: He or she didn’t knock your socks off.) Similarly, if you think the person might be useful/good for some role at some point in time in the future, then they are actually a “No.”

10. Never rate Candidates against each other

In any process of selection, you are supposed to select a candidate to meet the profile/Job requirements. The person selected must be on the basis of task/assignment he is supposed to handle v/s his competence or skills.

The candidate when evaluated against each other may be best amongst worst doesn’t mean he is the best person for Job.

Always evaluate candidates based on predefined criteria/parameters – Don’t grade on the curve.

“Interview is never of Candidate Alone” 


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