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Induction of Medical Representative – Role and Responsibility of Area Manager


Induction of Medical Representative in any Pharmaceutical Company is Most important and critical, as this is the 1st step which decides the fate of the H.Q he/she is appointed/Assigned for. It is well said “Well Begun is Half Done” Precisely this is where induction stands in our Business.

Let us Understand Point By Point

  • Induction:
  • Responsibility of Induction.
  • Process of Induction.
  • Field Induction of New Medical Representative.
  • Impact of Induction on Performance.
  • Checklist for induction.
  • Objectives to be achieved during Induction


This is a briefing before Formal training of Medical Representative, enabling him to start playing his role. In this, we take Medical Representative through

  • Organizational Details like Organogram, Different Functions, etc.
  • Hierarchy, Roles of Various other cross functions and their contact derails SOP’s
  • Product of Company, Their Positioning, Promotional strategy.
  • Reporting Patter and Its Importance.
  • Key result areas, and Expectations from his position.
  • Norms and Procedures which his Position needs to adhere to.
  • Brief scientific knowledge of Products/Brands.

Responsibility of Area Manager

Responsibility of Induction of Medical representative is primarily of Area Manager because.

  • He is the immediate Manager for M.R.
  • 1st point of contact for any grievances or information is Area Manager.
  • ASM is supposed to be coach Mentor Guide for Medical Representative, Hence the Job starts from Here
  • This helps in building good mutual professional relations with a personal touch Since a Good induction develops respect for ASM in mind of M.R.
  • Attrition rates are reduced significantly.
  • An ASM knows and understands the market and its requirements better than anybody in the organization, Hence the deliverable would improve significantly due to practical Knowledge.
  • An environment of trust is developed between both which is essential for Business Development.
  • During this period ASM can understand weakness and strength areas of M.R which helps him in Improved controlling, Performance, and Developing M.R.

Process Of Induction

This is the most critical part of the entire process since a well designed and well-thought process not only saves time but also makes induction effective.

  • List down important details to be given to New Joinee
  • Important Data’s to be shared.
  • How much product Knowledge is necessary for starting his Job.
  • Detailing/Sales presentation or How to Position brand/product, USP’s
  • Customer Data Base, Existing Customers, Potential Customers, our Key Customers.
  • Organogram, Territory Coverage Plan.
  • Target Sheet, with a Meticulous plan to achieve the target. This builds confidence and Trust of New Joinee.

Field Induction

  • Medical Representative should not be sent to the field independently on Day 1
  • Minimum 3-5 Days should be spent by Area Manager in First slot and another 2-4 days within the next 15 days, Regional Manager should work for at least 2-3 Days with New Medical Representative out of which at least 1 days should be without Area Manager.
  • RSM should mainly focus on compliance and Gap areas which not only helps Induction better but also helps develop Area Manager.
  • ASM should cover important Markets and Key Customers in these Field induction days.
  • All Distributors/Stockists must be met and M.R introduced properly to trade partners.

Impact of Induction on Performance

  • “Well Begun is Half Done” is precisely the Impact of Induction.
  • An effective Induction Produces an Effective Loyal Employee
  • A Proper systematic induction develops a disciplined Employee
  • A meticulous induction produces an Asset for Organization.
  • A good Induction results in Achievement of Organizational objectives.

Check List of Induction

  • Understanding the Level of Product Knowledge and USP’s – Conduct Test.
  • Detailing/Sales presentation ability – Perfect this.
  • Objection Handling – Have you equipped him/her?
  • Territory Description
  • Customer profiling especially of Key Customers.
  • Distributor/Stockist Profiling.
  • Handing over CVL/Reporting id/Format/Bag/Samples/VAF/Other Promo-material.

Objectives to be achieved during Induction

Every role has a Goal, The goal of Inductions are Primarily

  • Medical Representative is Motivated.
  • He is virtually taken on tour to company, All departments, Functions processes, etc
  • He understands his role and Goal.
  • He owns the organization and its Responsibilities.
  • He visualizes his career in Organization.
  • His focus is to Work no more Job Searches.
  • He feels he is Part of Family who cares every member.
  • Business Sense.
  • Product Knowledge.
  • Detailing/Sales Presentation skills.
  • Understood Corporate values and Policies.
  • Importance of Discipline, Integrity, Adaptability, Flexibility, and Mobility.

“Remember Creating Assets for Organization is Most Important Contribution of Area Manager”

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