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Role & Responsibilities of Pharma Product Manager | Pharma PMT Job – Key Deliverables


Key Roles of a Product Manager in Indian Pharma MNC

  • To Drive Mega brand Growth and Performance
  • Optimize Promo spend for Desired ROI
  • Prepare Brand Wise Quarterly Visual Aid in Line with the Promotional Themes of the Visual Aid:
    • Brief ad agency on the product and Graphics needed as per the Promotional Theme
    • Evaluation and selection of draft concept out of 3-4 designs submitted by the agency
    • Evaluate a detailed Visual Aid with the agency before finalization.
    • Send the visual for printing.
    • Coordinate with printer and logistics vendor to dispatch Visual aid before 1 week of the planned quarter.

  • Quarterly communication of Visual Aids to the field force
  • Preparing the Brand Presentation Plan for the field force, which includes the explanation and detailing talk of the visual aid and inputs.
    • Preparing Communication Theme.
    • Usage of References and Literature.
    • Any Activity Planned to strengthen the brand Recall
  • Periodical circulars about the Brand’s achievements, market trends, etc to keep the field sales team abreast of the current information and motivate them to go for the call.
  • Conduct Quarterly briefing sessions of .5 – 1 day in each zone to ASMs on brand communication/ inputs.
  • Monthly planned visits to select areas for review meetings to reinforce brand communication further.
  • Promotional Material; i.e. LBL, Inputs, etc on a timely basis for effective marketing
    • Allocate promotional budget brand-wise and promotional mode wise
    • Plan for quarterly inputs and mode of inputs
    • Vendor selection
    • Negotiate with multiple vendors for cost-effective input selection.
    • Coordinate with selected vendors on the agreed time, quality, and quantity supply of inputs.
    • Allocate inputs geography-wise.
    • Coordinate with vendor and logistics vendor to ensure timely dispatch to the field as per allocation
    • Continuous monitoring of the planned activities and reorganization of promoting initiatives to improve cost without affecting the top line.

  • New Product Launch ( As and when required )
    • Identify potential areas of New Product Launch in the assigned therapy through:
      • ORG CMARC trends
      • Doctor feedback in joint work/ CME/ conferences
      • Field manager s feedback
    • Analyze the market potential for the identified new product through historical ORG-CMARC
    • Conduct primary research with the help of market research to achieve clarity in the right patient segment, the right launch volume, and the right price.
    • Work with finance to validate the profitability/ viability of the product.
    • Present the idea post clearance from finance to NPD and get a project manager assigned by the NPD Head
    • Coordinate with packaging, and FR&D for product features finalization.
    • Prepare sales projection, and sampling plan for at least 6 months – 1 year from launch.
    • Prepare stock allocation and ensure proper distribution in all geographies through SCM.
    • Parallel, finalize promotional activities, input plan, Visual Aid, etc. and work towards a launch as per the agreed timelines with the NPD Project manager.
    • Ensure regional launch meetings for the new product through RSMs.
    • Analyze SMSRC Rx trend and drives leadership position (jump in ranking, growth more than market) for the brand thru field force

  • Key Personal Attributes:
    • Strong negotiation and influencing skills
    • Networking skills
  • Ability to plan multiple product communication and deliver results according to plan.
  • Developing Feedback Process, Performance Analysis parameters, and Execution tracking (Strategy and Input Distribution)
  • Ability to Develop and Keep Ready Plan B for Product/Brand Positioning and Exploring Therapeutic Segments.
  • Working on New Indications, Usage, and Therapeutic Segments to Expand User and Rx Base.

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