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Role & Responsibility of Product Manager – An Overview (Summary)


The product manager is the person who acts behind the curtain and Plays a very critical and important role in the success of the Product/Brand. They are also called Brand Manager. Their prime job is to Launch and Manage the Brand and its life cycle. The following are the synopsis of his various roles and Responsibilities.

  • Managing and Handling the Assigned Brands.
  • Identify, Develop, Evaluate and Revalidate Marketing strategies based on Predefined Objectives & knowledge/Analysis of Market behavior.
  • Formulate and Coordinate with field staff to execute various marketing activities for Brand Promotion.
  • Identify Growth and Expansion opportunities and develop strategic planning for Brand building, Tactical sales support.
  • Accountable for Launch of New Products and Managing life cycle of Existing Brands.
  • Developing Strategies focussed on increasing Market share of Product/Brand, its Prescriber/User Base, Use/Usage/Indications.
  • Gathering Customer Insight and Customer relationships.

Maintain good connect with Internal customers

  • Market research for retail and Rx data.
  • Sales Team for the execution of strategies and Feedback
  • Purchase dept for various promotional activities planned/Planning
  • Medical Department for Scientific data/Information, Approval of Communication to position brand. Medical Ethics.
  • In-Licencing and Outsourcing team for Line extensions, Various approvals like Packing designs, Dosage forms, etc.
  • Distribution Channel to maintain availability across the operational area.

“Remember if Product Manager is Brain of Any Strategy, Than Field Staff are Eyes Nose and Hands of Strategies”

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