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DCR Analysis – Job of Area Manager


A Competent Area Manager can be explained in One Line “A successful Area Manager is One who Effectively Control and Motivates His Team to Perform”

Which are the Tools Available with Area Manager to Position him as Team Leader in His Team?

Can the Daily Fieldwork Report be Used as an Effective Tool to Develop and Control Team?

Let’s Understand: 

Daily Call Report –  A tool for supervising team Activity.

DCR Gives insight into the quality and Quantity of fieldwork done by team members. The following are the key indicators to be taken care of while analyzing DCR.

  • Date and Place worked.
  • No of Dr’s and Chemists visited, any Stockist visited?
  • Are the number of calls as per Norm and preplanned Patch/Plan.
  • What are the changes v/s last DCR of the same area/Customers?
  • Is it informative in terms of Giving feedback on Dr. Conversion, New Product Availablity, Rx trends, or Business progress? Or is it filled just to mark attendance?
  • What are the Frequency and Regularity of posting DCR’S?
  • How many are missed calls and how many customers are missed repeatedly?
  • What is the trend of product promotion/Detailing to the same customer in different calls?
  • Seek Explanation on Gaps.

Remember key critical parameters of DCR.

  • Posting immediately after working.
  • Too much-organized work.
  • Too much missed calls –  A missed call is a missed opportunity.
  • Customers missed repetitively means lost forever.
  • Maximum Missed calls and Tour plan Deviation in HQ patches/Workings.
  • Call frequencies need to be regular, haphazard (eg repeat calls in 2-5 days) indicates compromised working.
  • Asking random, planned questions on fieldwork and keeping a record of this discussion helps to curtail compromised work and develop your team members.
  • While planning JFW select Dr’s which are potential but are either missed regularly or are covered haphazardly.

Daily Call Report –  A tool to Develop Team Members.

Proper & robust analysis is the most effective tool to prepare strategies for developing your team members.

This gives a clear insight into

  • The weak area of Team members.
  • Compliance with strategies and Policies.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative efforts done v/s expected from him.
  • Area of the strength of Team Members.

This analysis helps you to plan

  • The number of days and frequency at which HQ’s need to be covered.
  • Which area/Customer/Territory you need to touch upon on JFW.
  • Issues/Shortfalls which requires your Interventions.
  • Development needs and Strengths of Team Members.
  • Preparing customized action plans to improve performance.

Robust Analysis of DCR helps you to improve Supervision Capability and Develop Effective Control on Team.

  • You Understand the Grey Areas
  • You develop Knowledge about Area of Strength of Team Member
  • You get hold of Motivational and Controlling Keys of Medical Representative
  • You Better Understand Team Members’ style of Working.
  • You are with Him/Her watching him at His HQ while Working somewhere else

“Remember Excess analysis is Paralysis. Whatever you analyze is beneficial only if it is used to Improve Performance, Development, and Efficiency of a Team Member.”

“Only robust analysis won’t help, Moving into action certainly.”

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