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Role and Responsibilities of Medical Representative – Summary


What are the Key Role and Responsibilities of a Medical Representative?

The key role of any Medical Representative is to Generate Prescriptions through effective sales presentation and execution of Company strategies.

The following are the Bullet points defining the role and responsibilities of a Medical Representative.

  • Promoting Brands to Dr’s.
  • Generating Prescriptions.
  • Effective Communication with the help of Visual Aid.
  • Execution of Company strategy.
  • Preparation of Customer Visit Lists (Doctors and Chemists).
  • Making Product Available.
  • Tour Planning/Customer Coverage Plan.
  • Coverage of Planned Doctor and Chemist List.
  • Reminder and Follow-ups
  • Doctor conversions for the company’s brands
  • Updating Product knowledge
  • Retail Survey

  • Personal order Booking
  • Managing stockists and Stocks
  • Trade Leverage
  • Liquidating Near-Expiry non-moving products
  • Giving Feedback to the company
  • Submission of Daily reports in the prescribed manner in the prescribed format
  • Achieving Target
  • Increasing Prescription and Prescriber Base
  • Consistent and regular sales trends Brandwise Product-wise
  • Submission of Meeting/Monthly reports.
  • Time Management.
  • Consistent growth.
  • Self-Development

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