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Role & Responsibilities of a Medical Representative


A Medical Representative is the only mode of communication in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing.

Medical Representative is the center of Pharma Sales and Marketing since the Brand promotion can not be done by any other modes/means of promotion like TV, Radio FM or Advertisements.

Role of a Medical Representative (M.R).

  • Promoting Brands of the Company.
  • Preparing and validating a List of Doctors and Chemists as per company strategy.
  • Meeting Dr’s and Chemists at prefixed and predefined frequency/schedule.
  • Sales Presentation/Detailing to properly promote and position brands in specified indications.
  • Making the product available at Retailers/Chemists.
  • Stockist Handling –  Availability of Products, Trade leverage, POB Execution, Primary order.
  • Retail counter Prescription Audit/Retail survey.
  • Personal order booking for New product availability and trade leverage.
  • Timely submission of Daily reports in the prescribed format.
  • Market Feedback to Company.

Responsibilities of Medical Representative (M.R)

  • Achievement of Assigned target
  • 100% Customer coverage as per strategy.
  • 100% Execution of Defined promotional Strategy.
  • Adhering to Norms, Rules, SOP’s of organization.
  • Regular submission of Daily reports and Feedback as defined by the organization.

Responsibilities During Fieldwork –

  • Preparing Work Plan before the start of Fieldwork.
  • Effective detailing to convert Dr’s to prescribe his Company products.
  • Effective retail coverage to ensure the availability of promoted brands and honoring prescriptions of Dr’s for your brand.
  • Ensuring regular stock availability at stockist. Liquidation of Non-Moving/Near-Expiry Stocks.
  • P.O.B to liquidate and increase market penetration of stocks.
  • Retail survey to update knowledge of Prescriptions trend, New Conversions, Customer Lost, New Launches, Progress of own v/s competitors Brands.

Skills required for Medical Representatives.

  • First and foremost is Selling Attitude.
  • Communication skills, Preferably English, Although effective communication is beyond barriers of language.
  • Ability to travel Extensively.
  • Ability to cope with pressure and stretch working hours.
  • Driving/Riding(2 wheelers) skills
  • Time Management.
  • Knowledge of topography of area assigned.
  • Good listener, ability to respond to query raised by the customer empathetically.
  • Product Knowledge, Scientific Knowledge of it Products/Brands- Indications, Usages, Dose & Dosage schedule, side effects, precautions, contraindications, etc…

Essential Qualities & Qualifications

Preferred qualifications are: B.Pharma, B.Sc, M.Pharma, M.Sc, D.Pharma, usually MNC & big pharma companies prefer candidates from Science background as handling of scientific material is effective and efficient. Although this is not mandatory for competent and having proven selling skills.

Other qualifications like B.A, BCA, MA, MCA M.COM, B.Com, etc are also settled well in the industry.

The minimum and foremost qualification needed is selling flare, effective communication and ability to mold as per the operational needs.

Pleasing personalities with decent communication is always in high demand.

While the interview following are also observed…

  • Etiquettes
  • Cleanliness.
  • Physical appearance.
  • Ability to understand and revert.
  • Ability to reproduce and rephrase.
  • Dressing sense.
  • Self Confidence
  • Body language and Posture.

Promotional Tools Available with Medical representative (M.R)

  • His/her own communication skills.
  • Product Knowledge.
  • Market survey to position his/her Brand on Dr’s Prescription.
  • Visual Aid Folder.
  • USP’s of Brand and strategic communication given by the company.
  • Reminder cards
  • Small brand recalls or Gifts.
  • Scientific data/reports.
  • Scientific references and its positioning to support the brand in specific indication/usage/safety.
  • Product Samples/Promotional packs.
  • Various Trial reports and its Data.

Sales Presentation or Detailing skills –

  • Text Delivery.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Highlighting USP’s
  • Eye contact.
  • Use of Pointer.
  • Eye contact.
  • Demanding Prescription.

“The ultimate Job of Medical Representative is to Generate Prescriptions through his effective Communication, Customer coverage.” 

“Everything provided and All strategies are designed to achieve this objective.”

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