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Are You Aspiring Area Manager? Click to Understand what you Need to Know


Are You Aspiring to Be Area Manager? Here is what you need to Know before attending any Interview

Before Taking up the Challenge of Area Manager understand the Role & Responsibility of Medical Representative Role & Responsibility of Medical Representative

Once you are well versed with the Roles and Responsibilities of a Medical Representative, You are ready to Take up the Job as Area Manager and Understand its Role and Responsibility

Read Role & Responsibility of Area Manager

Having Understood the Roles and Responsibilities, Its time to Start with Interview Preparation

Let’s Understand the Questions and Possible Reply in a Simple Manner, Although there is no 100% Correct Reply to any Questions as it Depends on the Interview Atmosphere Competence and Understanding of the Job role by the Interviewer and The Organizational Culture.

The Questions are Divided into 2 Parts

  1. General Questions: These can be part of any Interview for any Position and for Any level. Most Important Questions for Interview
  2. Specific Questions for Area Managers: Interview Questions Of Area Managers in Pharma
  3. Additionally, there could be Case Studies to solve/submit the sole purpose of which is to understand how you act under Given Conditions/Circumstances. For Solving any Case Studies it is always better to stick to Basics, and Defined/Practical rules and Norms that you can understand from Roles and Responsibilities

The above Set of Questions covers 90-95% of Interview Questions asked in any Area Manager Position at Pharmaceutical Companies

For Additions Read and Clarity on the Job  of Area Manager Read the Following Articles

  1. DCR Analysis
  2. Retail Survey/RCPA
  3. Detailing: Art of Effective Communication
  4. Leaves & Types of Leaves

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