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Most Important Questions for Interview Preparation


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Preparation of Interview is always very critical, Sharing herewith few Questions which are essentially asked in every interview irrespective of field/Department

Q1. Tell me something about yourself.

This is often the opening question in an interview, be careful that you don’t run off at the mouth. Keep your answer to a minute or two at most. Divide your reply into 3 Zones

  • Early Years (Born & Brought up, Primary education, family background, etc
  • Work history/Assignments.  And recent Career experience. Emphasize on this. Remember that this is likely to be a warm-up question.
  • Don’t waste your best points on it.

Q2. What do you know about our organization?

Before going for an interview update your knowledge about products or services, Turnover, Core Business, Brands, Challenges company is facing, History and Operational styles/Methods. Your Answer should depict that you have done some Homework before appearing for an interview. Show your intentions of a keen learner.

Always start your reply with a positive tone/words.

Q3. Why do you want to join our organization?

Always focus on key strength areas while replying to this question.

  • Your answer could start with the findings of your Homework about the organization
  • You can highlight areas of the Company’s expertise as your area of interest, Knowledge, and Competence. Ex Company in cardio diabetic and your knowledge about the field. Our Company is in R&D your reply needs to be in accordance.

“Remember if the company is not having anything of your interest other than a job, never opt for interview.”

Q4. Why you applied for this position? Or what are the limitations of this Position?

For any Job position always find out Goods Prospects and Limiting Factors.

  • Mention minimum 3 Good things about the Job
  • Never Mention Bad Things but put across them as Limiting Factors of Position Applied.

Q5. What makes you fit for this Position or why should we hire you?

Create your answer keeping in mind

  • Your Expertise v/s Company’s requirement.
  • Your Achievements v/s Company is deficient.
  • Your Skills v/s needed to fulfill or accomplish a job.
  • Your abilities to handle shortcomings of Job/ Problem resolving capabilities.

Q6. What are your expectations from this job, or what are you looking for in this job role?

Focus on opportunities offered by Job and Organization, Tell about your desire to perform and get recognized for Contributions. Always focus on Opportunities rewards and recognition after your contributions, instead of your security (Job or Financial)

Q7. What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Job?

This is a mandatory question asked for any Job, you must be clear about the Role and Responsibilities of Position/Job you are applying for.

Follow links for Role and Responsibilities

  1. Medical Representative
  2. Area Sales Manager
  3. Regional/Zonal Sales Manager

Q8. How much time do you need to get onto the work you are assigned, or how much time is needed to contribute to Job/assignment?

Be realistic and Sound committed… Say you will do your utmost/best efforts to meet the desired objective, Highlight what can be done from day 1, however… tell them 1-2 Key areas which may need time. The interviewer knows well about the Job and Timelines needed, do not try to be smart.

Q9. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Be specific, without hurting your presentation as a potential candidate for Job. If it was laid off process, otherwise you can attribute your move to, better organization, career prospects or opportunities you expect in this company. Or a Statement like we disagreed to agree, never concoct a story as this can be checked and verified from references. Never mention Personality conflicts or allege a previous employer or Manager too much. No interviewer like a Complainer.

Q10. How long would you stay with us?

No company ever wants to lose a good employee, Your reply must be precise and clear, it must give them confidence that you are joining them to stay longer, but do acknowledge that as long as you continue to feel challenged, remain engaged and get development/ growth prospects or as long as we both feel achievement-oriented.

Q11. Don’t you feel you are overqualified and experienced for this position?

Agree with them a state use this as a reason to be with them, Like, emphasize your interest in Growing with the organization, Exploring opportunities with them, Suggest them your expertise will get them faster and better results, growing with the organization is what you are looking for.

Q12. How do you manage/or which key parameters you consider to manage or accomplish tasks/team?

Your homework helps here, if you have understood the management style of the company, you can position your style as a complement to the existing style of organization, and Possible statements may include

  • Focused on the Outcome/Result oriented.
  • Task Orientation.
  • Problem-solving orientation.
  • Team Player, Involving team to participate to improve ownership.

Q13. Can you cite some examples of your style of Management or Managerial Potential and its outcomes?

Focus on the following –

  • Your Achievements as Manager.
  • Your Problem-solving Initiatives.
  • Your Task orientations and its accomplishments.

Quote examples from your career achievements Cite with energy and clarity.

Q14. What are the key parameters or attributes you look into before hiring peoples?

Reply in terms of –

  • Skills
  • Initiative
  • Learning Abilities
  • Ability to take the stress and work under pressure
  • Team Player

Q15. How many peoples have you removed till now? What were the reasons for the action? How you process and handled the situation?

Always be empathetic and concerned about removal/attrition or disciplinary action. State the situation was not easy, List few efforts you tried to resolve and Parameters you fixed to evaluate subsequent to Counselling/Meeting, state it didn’t work well hence for benefit of organization and betterment of performance, unpleasant action was taken Humanely.

Q16. What are the challenges and difficult tasks for this Job?

You can list down various factors based on your experience and Your knowledge about the organization.

Few examples are –

  • Cost-cutting.
  • Motivating Employees.
  • Handling Trade/Union issues.
  • Unforeseen incidents.
  • Developing Culture as per organizational needs.
  • Accomplishing tasks within a defined period, etc…

Q17. What are the important developments or trends you observed in the past couple of years or Time?

Always be ready with the latest happenings in your field, and its impact on the organization, your Job Position, Benefits, and Limiting factors.

Q19. Don’t you think you will lose all benefits, Seniority, Performance records, etc on changing this Job?

Agree with the interviewer, you are concerned but not panicked, as no gain without pain. Must continue to emphasize better opportunities, development, and learnings you are aiming at with this change.

Q20. What part is the best and Worst in your current Job/Assignment?

This is a very tricky question, needs to be addressed with caution, Reply more best parts than worst. (Don’t depict yourself as Negative oriented). Reply to the Measurable parameters only, never describe current/Past job as a nightmare.

Q21. How were management and colleagues?

Remain positive about your seniors and colleagues, because you are not selected yet, you never know when to work again with the same Boss or colleagues? You are changing Company, not industry.

Q22. Don’t you think you are underpaid?

Don’t be defensive, rather use this opportunity as one of the reasons to change from current Job

Q23. Do you have any predefined goals Long term or short term?

Everybody should have a predefined long-term and short term goals in life, whether personally or professionally, Fix timelines to achieve it, monitor your achievements, and validate reevaluate and redefine on a regular basis.

Q24. How you rate your career growth?

Never show any disappointment with your career growth, any disappointment can be depicted as a plan for growth, and your action and process you are following to achieve your objective. Do acknowledge ups-downs failures but also relate them with learnings you had from them.

Q25. What do you feel this position should pay?

This is the most delicate topic, usually, this question is asked when you are amongst a few at the selection stage. During your homework about the company gather information regarding their salary window and Position your expectations in accordance.

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